Other Ideas & Quick Uses

  • Use Ken’s in place of plain salt & pepper for flavor!
  • Use in gumbo to give it that southern pizazz!
  • Season any meat (steak,chicken,fish) before baking or broiling for real taste!!
  • Sprinkle heavily in your chili for that added bite!
  • It is DELICIOUS in and on stir fry,add while cooking!!
  • It’s a Delightful spice for Fettuccine Alfredo!!
  • Put it in spaghetti or any pasta for that needed zip!
  • It works as a mouth watering sprinkle for Soups & Salads!!
  • Try it on a fluffy baked potato with or without other additives!
  • Use this gourmet seasoning on any vegetable, greens, broccoli, cabbage.
  • It works as an Excellent Barbecue Seasoning!!!
  • When frying food add a little plain salt & pepper to accentuate Ken’s spices!
  • This Cajun spice makes Scrumptious Cajun Fries mmm!!!
  • Use this Cajun spice as an after spice on fried chicken, fish, etc. GOOD!
  • This Cajun spice on burgers creates THE BEST CAJUN BURGERS!!!
  • This specialty Cajun spice is a Tasty flavor enhancer for any Gourmet dish!!
  • This Cajun spices will make your Red Beans and Rice a true taste experience!
  • The KING OF THE CAJUN seasonings add southern soul to any food!
  • Even try this gourmet seasoning on Popcorn for that added ZING of a taste!!
  • Truly there is no end, use this Gourmet Cajun seasoning on everything!!!