Gourmet Louisiana Mix Seasoning


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The KING OF THE CAJUN Gourmet Louisiana Mix Seasoning is a royal blend of herbs and spices, blended together to create what we know as the authentic taste of Louisiana Cuisine. The combination of Creole and Cajun cooking coming together over the years is cooking that reflects the participation of many people and cultures sharing in the contribution of the melting pot of its creation. Because of this melting pot, Louisiana Cuisine is really American Cuisine at its best! Use this product as a rub for any meat, fish, steak, roast, chicken, pork, etc. This zesty seasoning contains the necessary bite to add excitement to almost any dish. Be creative in your usage and you will find multiple foods to use it in and on. This flavor-packed seasoning will have you running back for more. Don’t hesitate and salivate when you can savor the flavor. Our goal is to simply spice up the world. Bon Appetit!

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